Mark Fosson: The Lost Takoma Sessions (DC322)

Mark Fosson

The Lost Takoma Sessions


Drag City
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  1. Jubilaya 3:45

  2. Wind Through A Broken Glass 3:11

  3. Variations On A Thumb 1:27

  4. Quarter Moon 5:34

  5. Cosmic Hiccup 3:34

  6. Chillicothe 2:58

  7. Arrival Of The Grand Picayune 1:37

  8. Gorilla Mountain 5:59

  9. All The Time In The World 2:17

  10. Sky Piece 4:58

  11. Frozen Fingers 2:41

  12. Nancy's Waltz 2:41

About this product

Yet again, Drag City throws open the door to the closet of lost albums. When John Fahey's label Takoma went belly up, Mark Fosson was left with this finished album and no record label to put it out. Screw obscurity, these solo acoustic wanderings need to be heard. For fans of Fahey, Kottke and their ilk.